Kyra is a 2 year old lab mix that we pulled from the Norman shelter as a pregnant stray. She was in very rough condition when she came to us. She was covered in ticks, had mange, and was heavily pregnant. She delivered her pups with us and then had to be separated from them because despite how hard she tried, she was too sick to care doe them due to the poor living conditions she previously endured. This sweetie has been in a loving foster home and has been learning the joys of home life. She is a sweetheart and loves her people! She is very affectionate and loves being loved on. She is very timid in new situations and prefers to hang in her “safe” spots than go on adventures. We think this will improve with time as she settles in, is slowly socialized and gains confidence. Kyra is housebroken with a doggy door, knows sit and wait and is working on stay. She does well left in the house while her foster is gone as long as closet doors are shut. This girl is a shoe thief! We believe Kyra would do best as an only dog, or possibly another dog who is submissive. She is comfortable around women, but can be a bit skittish of men. She has not been around children during her time with us. Kyra needs a home with a little bit of patience and a lot of love! She will make an amazing companion.

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