Age: 10 months

Breed: Pyrenees mix

Color: Tan/grey

Story: Kapowski was rescued from TAW

Kapowski is a sweet gentle soul. He absolutely loves to be outside and has the cutest run that you have ever seen. His run is actually more of a prance with his long legs leaping through the air. His next favorite thing is playing with toys. He LOVES all toys… squeaky toys, ropes, tennis balls, bones, you name it he will play with or chew on it. He plays great with all dogs or is also content playing by himself. He is potty trained and slowly learning to love his kennel. He is a very smart boy and knows how to escape the kennel so he will need a to be secured with more locks in a normal kennel or kept in a heavier duty one.

He sleeps great all night on a dog bed in the room with his human. Kapowski quickly mastered sit and is working on down, shake and leave it. He is easy to walk on a leash and does not really pull. He does better and better with every car ride and is learning they are not so scary. He would love another dog in the house to learn from, play with and help him build his confidence. He truly is the sweetest boy and has so much love to give!

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