Age: A year and a half

Breed: Collie/Terrier mix

Weight: 38.8 lbs

Color: Tri-color

Story: Josey was found abandoned with her litter of pups

Josey is a very sweet, fun loving gal! She is crate trained, but also does well when left out! She is dog friendly, but is working on not jumping up so she may be better in a home with bigger kids. She’s a very happy gal, and will “talk” to you to get your attention! She loves to play and cuddle and is soooo smart! She learned her first command, “sit”, in under 5 minutes, and she’s currently working on “dance, girl, dance” – where she gets up on her hind legs and “dances”! She is such a joy-filled soul and you’d never believe she was found abandoned with her puppies just a month ago!


  • Older children
  • Dance parties!

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