Age: 6 months

Breed: Pyrenees mix

Color: Brown

Story: Jed was escued from the shelter

Jedediah is a big cuddly boy who wants to be next to you always. He gets along great with other dogs and would love a playmate his size. While the cats don’t necessarily want to be friends with him, he is so gentle and tries really hard to be friends with them! He is doing so well with potty training and leash training. He just walks slowly because there’s just so many things to look at and smell. He’s working on crate training both at night and during the day. He does like to let you know when he hears other dogs nearby and can get a little upset when he’s not near the other dogs in his foster home. We haven’t met any little kids yet, but so far he is happy to see anyone who walks up to him and doesn’t have any issues when he’s randomly picked up by strangers. He’s still teething so he LOVES to chew, so surrounding him with lots of different kinds of toys helps keep him from chewing on stuff he’s not supposed to. He’s working on basic tricks and picks new things up so quickly, especially when he has older dogs to learn from. Jedediah is the perfect real life teddy bear!

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