Age: 10 weeks

Breed: Shepherd/Pyrenees mix

Color: Brown/black

Story: Jaylin was found living outside with her litter, vulnerable to wildlife.

Jaylin is the fluffiest girl you will ever meet, with beautiful eyelashes and deep brown eyes. Jaylin is a baby learning about the world and its quirks. She potties outside when taken out regularly, especially when treats are at the ready! She sleeps in a crate at night with her littermate. She hasn’t had any accidents in the crate and sleeps through the night. Jaylin spends her days in a puppy playpen with her littermate and playing outside when let out. She lives with a small dog and does well. She has not been around children or cats, but she is gentle and sweet and would likely do well with both with a proper introduction. Jaylin is a princess who is learning to walk on a leash and sit patiently for treats. She absolutely loves to give kisses and will be an excellent snuggle buddy. To meet Jaylin is to fall in love with Jaylin.

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