Interested in doing behind-the-scenes work for a rescue?

Puppy Haven is always looking to add to our team!

Currently, we are in need of a volunteer coordinator and event transports. What does each position entail?

Volunteer Coordinator – We have many volunteers that help make our events happen each weekend. As the volunteer coordinator, you would be in charge of contacting our volunteers to let them know an event is happening, and ask them to get involved! This would not require you stay at the events each Saturday (although, you are welcome to). It is a volunteer job that lets you be more behind-the-scene than most at PH!

Event Transport – Because PH has dogs that are boarded, they do need rides to and from the adoption events each weekend so that they may be seen by potential adopters! Our dogs are typically boarded at Woodland West Pet Resort. As an event transport, we would provide with you a crate (or two) and you would be responsible for bringing to or taking the pups from Woodland West. This is a flexible, but very important and necessary volunteer position and someone we are in dire need of!

Please contact Noel at if this something you would be interested in! We would love your help.

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