Age: 7 weeks

Breed: Chow mix

Color: Black

Weight: 6 lbs

Adoption fee: $360

Story: She was born under a shed.

Innoko is the sweetest little girlie who loves to give kisses. She has earned the nickname Slippers, because when her foster mom is in the kitchen cooking she loves to lay on her feet. Innoko is a confident pup who likes to play with dogs of all sizes. She is curious about kitties, but is respectful and gives them space. She likes to explore, but will come back to her person for snuggles when she is ready for a nap. She can be vocal when she wants attention. Innoko sleeps in a puppy pen at night and when her foster is away from the home. She is just starting potty training and does well with access to puppy pads. Innoko will be a great addition to any family!

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