Age: 10 weeks
DOB: 12/10/22

Breed: Terrier mix

Color: Cream

Story: Hunky was dumped at a truck stop with his litter

Hunky is a tank on paws! He bounds everywhere he goes and is such an explorer, but when it’s time to cuddle, he gives the best ones! And kisses, don’t get him started. He sleeps well in or out of his kennel and plays in the playpen all day. As far as potty training, Hunky is very good at using the potty pads and is doing good at also going outside . He is actually going outside on his own occasionally. He also is very good at responding to his name and coming when he he’s called and whistled for. He is doing very good at the sit command, and is so very, very, dedicated. He eats well side by side with his siblings and plays well with them. When he gets upset you know it, but he calms down quickly. This little guy is a hunka hunk of puppy love!

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