Homer is a big, goofy pup. Homer is a short, but stocky terrier mix. He will be turning 1 year old in April so we are trying to find a family for his birthday! He is potty trained and crate trained (we never hear a peep out of him), but we think he’d really like to cuddle in bed with someone. We also think he’d be happiest in a home with another dog, but would be just as happy as an only dog with an active family. He will show food aggression towards other dogs during dinner time, but only acts possessive of his food bowl. This is something that can be worked on!

Homer is a pretty independent pup. If he’s not playing with other dogs, he’s just chillin on the couch. He always appreciates a good belly rub though! He doesn’t often bark and doesn’t jump. He even knows sit! One of his favorite things to do is give kisses! Homer would be a great family dog and would do well in any home, as long as you’re strong enough to walk with him on leash!

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