Hogan is a 2 year old lab mix! Hogan is very goofy and a total lovebug! He loves toys and playing with other dogs. He is potty trained and partially crate trained. When he’s in the crate, he will usually do okay after a few minutes, as long as he can see you, but has a little crate anxiety when left alone. Sometimes he will calm down, other times he kind of freaks out. He would prefer to sleep in the bed with his person at night, but would do okay sleeping in a crate in your room. He enjoys his daily morning walks to get his energy out early! He loves to play, and is working on not jumping or play biting. He loves to crawl onto your lap and cuddle, and wants to be with his person as much as possible. He has great food manners and will sit for his food. He knows sit, down, and paw. If he wants to play or wants pets, he won’t hesitate to give you his paw to show you!

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