Age: 6 weeks

Breed: Heeler mix

Color: Brown/white


Adoption fee: $360

Story: Hiro and litter came to us as bottle babies

Adopt Hiro for a funny, clever 4-legged best friend! Hiro loves other dogs, kids, cats, humans, and basically all of life in general. No adventure is too small or big for him! He definitely is a born leader and gives his siblings courage to explore and have a great time. He really is the best of both worlds as he enjoys being outside and exploring and running around but also loves couch snuggles. Crate training is going very well with him and he calls out only in the morning when he needs to potty. Hiro is still little, but potty training is also going very well, although not quite perfect yet. He’s very adventurous, cuddly, independent, polite, fun, and attentive. You’ll never lack company if you choose to adopt Hiro!

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