Hercules – PENDING

Age: TBD

Breed: Pittie mix

Color: Tan

Weight: TBD

Adoption fee: $240

Story: Hercules was rescued from the Bartlesville shelter

Hercules is a cuddly, sleepy lap dog in the form of a pittie / boxer mix.

This boy loves NOTHING more than to lounge around with his family. He is currently in a home with 4 other large dogs and has not shown a single sign of aggression to any of them. He has also worked up towards playing with them, but mostly is content to lay around and/or gently nibble on some toys.

When his foster mom leaves for work, Hercules goes right in his crate and lays down. He is happy to stay there until she gets back home!

This boy isn’t much of a jumper. Every once in a while if he is really excited he jumps up, but really has amazing manners considering he came from a shelter. His foster mom can even tell him ‘no’ if he starts eating his foster siblings’ food, and he leaves it alone.

When he first came to his foster home, Hercules was ‘marking’ a lot, but that has actually subsided the longer he has been in the home. Other than that, he seems to be fully potty and crate trained as long as he’s given ample breaks to go out.

One important thing to know is that Hercules is an escape artist in the back yard! His foster family has a chain link fence which he has NO problem going over or under and roaming around the neighbors yards.

Another thing is that he LOVES chasing rabbits and cats, so he should be in a home with no small animals.

Other than that, Hercules is extremely gentle with humans and other dogs, and would be a fantastic family dog. When it’s time for bed, he’ll curl up on the floor, in bed with you OR in his crate and sleep till you’re ready to get up!

Hercules is an angel that is ready and has been waiting for his furever home! If you give him a chance, he is prepared to show you the true lovebug that he is!

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