Age: 5 years

Breed: Lab mix

Color: Black/brown

Story: Hattie was rescued from the Tulsa shelter – she had a broken leg that was amputated

We got a call from a lady there that said there were a couple long term dogs that needed out ASAP. We went to see them and sweet Hattie stole our hearts. She was terrified in the cage there; she wouldn’t look at us and kept moving away from us. To make it even more heartbreaking, she only had 3 legs. When she arrived at Tulsa Animal Welfare she had such a severe leg fracture that they had to amputate it in February.

How she got her name, a message from her foster: Being a soccer family, we decided to name her Hat Trick a.k.a. Hattie. A hat trick is when a soccer player makes 3 goals in one game and since she only had 3 legs, the name fit! She loved the name right away.

Bringing her home as a foster totally changed her. She is not scared anymore. She is a SUPER playful gal who does not let the missing leg slow her down at all. She absolutely loves kids! We do think she would thrive best in a home with other dogs. She bonds quick to other fur buddies and she loves to play and run around with our dogs. But be forewarned, she loves so hard and she cuddles as much as she can all while drenching you in dog kisses. She will see you sitting on the couch or bed and she makes a super fast run for it to jump up and then she just melts into her person. She is so grateful and sweet and smart! Hattie is completely crate trained and does great being in her crate while her fosters are out and about during the day. She will definitely be a tough gal to give up, but we just know her forever family is out there waiting for her!

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