Age: 5 months
DOB: 12/5/23

Breed: Beagle

Color: Tricolor

Weight: TBD

Adoption fee: $400

Story: Hamish was released from his breeder

This little nugget of sweetness and energy is sure to melt your heart. If these eyes and ears don’t get you, I don’t know what will!

Hamish is VERY dog friendly and absolutely loves the puppy pile! Loves his foster sister and wants to do everything she does.

Will take a little bit to warm up to you but don’t give up! He wants to be in your presence but needs time to feel comfortable with you holding or petting him. He loves all the pets but he’s still not very trusting it won’t turn out bad. When he wants your attention you’ll know! This little guy will “poke” you with his nose, it’s my favorite!

Hamish knows sit, is crate trained but will cry at night if he can’t sleep in the bedroom with someone while in his crate. He’s very quiet and you’ll never know he’s there if he can camp out in your room. We’re working on house breaking and he hasn’t had any accidents in the house but he has access to the yard at all times while out of his crate.

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