Halle Berry

Age: 3 years

Breed: Terrier mix

Color: Black

Weight: 35 lbs

Story: Halle Berry was rescued from a neglect case and gave birth to a cute little litter in a our care

Halle Berry has the best run when she’s playing fetch! She is a bit of a climber so will need to be watched when playing outside initially and must have a privacy fence! She can jump a 6 foot privacy fence so will need to monitored while outside. She does pull when leash walking, but she’s tiny so it hasn’t been a huge deal. We are working on it though! She had a traumatic life before entering the rescue and has some hair loss, but she is on her way back to healthy! She loves to play with friends and would do best in an active household with other dogs. She is not recommended for a home with cats. This girl will need a special home to teach her how to be a fur baby!

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