Age: DOB: 1/10/23

Breed: Pyrenees mix

Color: Black/white

Story: Gunther was born in rescue to mama Marley

Gunther is such a chill boy! He gets the zoomies now and then or enjoys gently wrestling with a dog buddy, but he mostly just wants to play with his toys and bones, explore the yard, and check in for some attention. He is friendly with dogs and people of all ages. He can be a bit shy at first, but comes around quickly. Gunther is usually quiet, unless he’s playing with another dog, and then he likes to growl, talk, and bark at his playmate like he’s a big dog. He’s working on potty training and is so good at hitting potty pads when he’s inside the house. At night he sleeps in a puppy pen and is quiet until morning. Gunther is gentle boy in training who will quickly win your heart!

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