Greta is a female chihuahua/dachshund mix around 2 years old. She was recently returned due to no fault of her own. Greta is a complete sweetheart! She is super loyal to her person, and will be by your side always! She is house trained, and does not need to be crated. She plays well with other dogs, but she would do best with a dog her size or a little bigger, and a dog that is not reactive. She is potty trained, and knows the doggie door. She absolutely loves being outside and playing or just sunbathing! She is finicky with treats, but she loves peanut butter and cheese! Greta loves her person so much, that she would do well with someone that was home more often than not. She does good on a leash, but can be skittish with new people and new places, but that would most likely get better with time, training, and exposure. She is great in the car, and her favorite thing is to snuggle with her person! She is not a fan of small kids, so would do best with older kids or no kids. She has not been around cats. Greta is an amazing girl, and has so much love to give! She would be perfect for someone that is looking for a loyal companion and a best friend!

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