Age: DOB: 3/21/23

Breed: Terrier mix

Color: Black

Story: Glazed was born in rescue to mama Carmine who had dumped

Glazed is tiny but mighty! Even though he’s smaller than some of his siblings, his big personality more than makes up for it. He loves to pounce on and wrestle with toys, play with his siblings, and he’ll jump right in the mix if there is a chance for some pets and attention. He loves belly rubs the most. He is good at playing with other dogs, but also respectful of older dogs who don’t want to play with him. Glazed is good and quiet in his pen with his sibling at night and entertains himself in his pen during the day until it’s time to get out and play. He is working on potty training, but he’s still very young, so it will be awhile until he’s fully trained. Glazed is such a fun boy and will be a great addition to any family!

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