Age: 11 weeks

Breed: Heeler mix

Color: Orange/white

Weight: 6 lbs & growing

Adoption fee: $360

Story: Their mama Minnie was left behind in a backyard when her owner moved. She was found with puppies.

Gibbs is the sweetest little pup! He has so much confidence and loves to be around his people! He wants to be the center of attention at all times and show you all his toys! Gibbs may look small but he has no problem running and playing with dogs twice his size! He is great with kids but would recommend kids 10+ due to his puppy nips! Gibbs sleeps in his kennel all night long but will wake you up right on time for his breakfast every morning as food is a top priority! When not home he stays in his puppy plays pen! We are working on potty training but he will use a puppy pad if one is near by! Gibbs would spend all day outside with his humans if he could & loves to end the day with a cuddle in bed

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