Germany is a female lab/shepherd mix. Her mama is Taya! She has the perfect puppy disposition! She is friendly, easy going, sweet, curious, very smart, playful and has fit into her foster home so easily. She loves playing with the big dogs! They love to wrestle and lay around together. She has no fear of dogs or people. She adores all her toys and is easily entertained with toys, treats and balls!! She sleeps in her pen at night with her blankets, plush toys and puppy pads. She’s doing well with potty training! She has also mastered the stairs, which makes her super proud! She loves kids and all the attention. She also loves to be held like a baby and carried around! When she’s tired, she finds a cozy spot to doze off, and she really enjoys her naps. Germany loves being outside and exploring. She loves treats, and is a great eater. She’s definitely treat motivated when it’s time to sit, go to her bed or come inside. She’s the perfect snuggle bug and loves to be with her people! Her sweet eyes will touch your heart, and feel all the love for her!

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