Age: 4 years

Breed: Poodle (full)

Color: Chocolate/White

Story: Gerald was rescued in the Oklahoma Animal Alliance breeder raid

Gerald had endured four long years of neglect/negative human interaction. Because of this, Gerald doesn’t trust easily. He is skittish of people and loves his crate. He is crate trained and potty trained! He is quiet, but does bark on occasion outside and sleeps so well throughout the night. He comes out of his crate and goes outside now on his own! He will also come inside on his own when we call him in. He usually runs right to his crate and then will feel comfortable to come out and go wherever he wants to hang out! He isn’t a cuddly dog and he tends to keep to himself. He does well with other dogs and cats! We believe another dog in the home will help with his confidence. As time and healing goes on, we know that Gerald will start to open up and show more of himself. He is extremely sweet, calm, and kind, but still fearful.

Gerald will need someone with a lot of patience and love, two things he has never known throughout his past. Someone willing to put in work to help him with his insecurities. Someone willing to take him to some training for his trauma. Someone to show him that he is wanted, loved, and SAFE. It is not Gerald’s fault that humans have failed him. Let’s make up for it and find Gerald his loving, kind, and true forever human.

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