Age: One year old

Breed: Pit mix

Weight: 78 lbs

Color: Brindle

Story: Geodude and his siblings were rescued from the Norman pound, along with his mama Lucille

Geodude is crate trained and potty trained. He goes in his crate easily with a treat. He sleeps all night and doesn’t make any sounds in his crate. He is crated anytime his fosters are not home. Geo has learned how to live with a cat. He has learned not to chase or bark at the cat. He does very well living with a cat!

He loves to play with other dogs! He loves to wrestle, chase, and play tug of war. He lives with two other dogs, one little and one big, and has done great with both. He’s very food motivated. He is a wonderful car rider. He enjoys walks with his people. He loves to give and receive love. He loves hugs and kisses and just being close to his people. He is a big lap dog! He is such a sweet boy and has waited so long on his forever family. He deserves his happily ever after!


– Older kiddos

– Larger dogs due to his size

– Playtime

– Toys everywhere!!!

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