Below, you will find our rescues currently available for adoption!



Oakley is a male lab mix. He such a good boy, you'll never stop saying it! He is house-trained and crate-trained. He loves to cuddle and is good with everybody. Oakley would do best in an active home, preferably with no small kids - as he is just so big. We love Oakley and know you will too!



Leah is a shepherd mix, around two-years old. This perfect girl is potty-trained and crate-trained. She knows sit and does great on a leash! She is a very loyal girl who loves her person, and loves to cuddle! Leah doesn't mind cats, but doesn't do well with other dogs.. She is a medium-sized dog and very playful. Leah will do great in an active home!



Maggie is a pointer mix around two years old. She has been a great momma, but it is time for her to be the center of attention! She is a sweet girl, who is house-trained. She is very sweet to everyone, and very low-key. However, Maggie has separation anxiety and will need help learning that she is always safe, even when she's home alone.




Mabel is a female Anatolian shepherd mix. She was a momma dog, but is ready to just be the center of attention. She is so sweet and will just roll to her back for a belly rub at any chance she has. She is an active girl and would love to be in a home where she can run and go on walks. She is house-trained, but is sometimes unsure of other dogs. She loves everyone she meets though!


Sparky is male jack russell mix, around 1 year old.

Sparky is a male Jack Russell Terrier mix, around a year old. He was rescued from a hoarding situation. There were 16 dogs living in the home. Puppy Haven Rescue was able to save 4, while other rescues took in the remaining. Sparky is the only one left of his friends taken in! He is very sweet and gets along with everyone! He tends to be a little clingy to his person and wishes to be with them all day long.  He is doing well with potty-training, and is okay with the crate. He gets a little upset, but quiets down after so long. He prefers to be out and about in the house, but just needs to time to get used to a new environment! Sparky will be great friend and companion to any person!



H is for Handsome. Hank is a male boxer mix, around 18 months old. This big guy is house-trained and crate-trained. He is good with other dogs and cats.  He is a little shy, so may be slow to warm up. He LOVES to cuddle though! He walks great on a leash, but needs a 6-foot privacy fence for free-roaming in the backyard. Hank does well with kids, and would do great in any kind of home!




Graham is a male catahoula mix around 2 and a half years old. Graham is the happiest boy and knows no strangers. He loves other dogs, and plays fine with kids as well. He loves to cuddle and pretend to be a "lap-dog". He enjoys being with his people and trips to the dog park, or any chance to go anywhere really! Graham is house-trained, but doesn't like his crate. Graham is a higher energy boy so will do best in an active house-hold. Graham does have separation anxiety so would do best in a home where he won't be home alone too often. We love this beautiful boy!



Wolf is a male german shepherd mix around 7 months old. Wolf  is mostly potty trained. He has an accident every now and then (especially if he’s excited). He’s crate trained, loves chew toys and cuddling. He prefers to sleep in the bed with you, but will go to his kennel if asked. He is working on jumping up and not getting too excited. He knows sit, treat, kennel, and outside. He needs a house with a backyard. He’s currently 24 lbs and gets along with other dogs and cats!



Yogi is a male pointer mix, around 4 months old. He has a goofy personality and a big appetite He is potty trained and crate-trained, knows sit, high-five, and is working on lay down.  He's definitely a cuddle bug at night, but will sleep in a crate if necessary. He is an active boy!



Dempsey is a sweet and precious boy who just wants to please his people! He is 6 months old and was saved from a kill shelter. His owner was neglectful, so he is still learning a lot! He is crate-trained, and loves to play outside. He loves to cuddle! He’s great with dogs and cats, and LOVES his toys.



Jayda is a female shepherd mix, around a year old. She is house-trained, but may excited/nervous tinkle. She loves her crate, and her bed. She is very happy, active and will immediately give you her belly. She would be best in a home without small kids (toddlers) as she jumps a little, but is being taught not to. She knows her basic commands: sit, lay down, and we are working on shake


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