Friend Bear

Friend Bear is a male akita/pyrenees mix around 6 months. He and his siblings are an owner surrender litter and was adopted out as puppy, but was recently returned due to no fault of his own. Friend Bear is a very good looking boy as well as visually expressive. He has been a great foster. He learned how to use the doggie door within a day. He is fully potty trained and has been faithful in letting us know if the door is closed that he needs out. He loves to play with his foster brothers. He is energetic and able to play hard and then chill.

He is learning his basic commands and is really very good at them. We are currently working on “leave it” and he is up to 5 to 6 seconds. He is a good eater and is treat motivated for training. He is learning to walk on a slip leash. He sleeps at night in his kennel and sleeps through the night. He does like to join on the morning snuggle time with the family. He listens when being disciplined. He is learning not to jump or nip for attention. He loves belly rubs, ear scratches, praise and laying beside me on the coach! Of special note Friend Bear has a beautiful crescent moon shape on the top of his forehead. Along with his big ears that stand up proud and tall, Friend Bear is a sweetheart and is going to make some family very blessed!

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