Age: 8 weeks

Breed: Wire hair terrier mix

Color: Tan

Story: Floatie are her litter were surrendered to us by their owner

Floatie is quite timid at first, but once she feels comfortable in her environment she is all spunk and fire. Socializing in new environments will be very beneficial to her. She is the biggest jumper her litter, trying to jump up on humans, over the playpen walls, or onto furniture. She seems to be the roughest player, so we’ve been working on giving her plenty of toys to chew on instead of human hands and faces. When startled, she will run to her human and cuddle up behind them, preferably in their shirt if she can wiggle into it. When she’s finally tired out from being a velociraptor, she becomes the biggest cuddle bug and it melts me every time. She’s also a work in progress with potty training.

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