Filbert is an 8 month old Husky mixed with Redbone Coonhound! He is tall but slender and is around 50 pounds. He was one of Denali’s puppies and is a recent return due to lack of socialization and training.

He is a very sweet natured boy. He enjoys exploring the outdoors and likes to “check in” to say hi. He loves to play chase and get affection from his human! He is a vocal boy and likes to “talk”, which is typical of his breed mix.

Filbert is kid friendly and house trained. He is not a huge fan of the crate, but is working on it. He loves to go on walks and does pretty well on the leash, but pulls a little at times.

 Filbert is working with our trainers on socialization with other dogs. He is usually dog friendly and very playful, but sometimes feels scared or threatened since he hasn’t been exposed to many other dogs. We think it’s likely he will be okay with other dogs after some training and socialization due to his young age!

Filbert is a wonderful boy and needs a family who is committed to helping him be the best he can be and who will welcome him as part of their family! He has so much love to give and would be a wonderful companion in an active home.

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