Age: 2 years

Breed: Pit mix

Weight: 66.4 lbs

Color: Fawn

Story: Fawn came from the Amarillo shelter & was then returned to us.

Fawn was a mama dog, and is so ready to be the center of attention now. Fawn is the sweetest companion, completely house trained and has never had an accident, loves to play with crunchy toys, to be chased and absolutely loves fetch! She sleeps next to her foster every night and wakes them up to take her out by licking their face. She’s a pretty slow eater so she gets fed once in the morning and eats throughout the day. Her favorite thing is attention, from anyone she’s came into contact with. However, she is protective when she needs to be. She like to chase birds and will watch them from the window with her nose pressed against the glass. Her favorite treat is salmon, she especially loves when it’s added to her food! She doesn’t like storms or her photos taken with flash. She will be comfortable in mellow house with a backyard as she loves to run!


– Only dog

– A yard to run in

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