Eugene – PENDING

Age: 4 years

Breed: Poodle (Standard)

Color: Black

Weight: 62 lbs

Story: Eugene was rescued in the Oklahoma Animal Alliance breeder raid

Eugene was rescued in July from a hoarding/neglect situation. Despite his awful living conditions, this boy loves people. He deeply craves human contact and will very gently nibble on your fingers to tell you he wants pets. It only took 2 days for Eugene to get the hang of going to the bathroom outside. He is also extremely tolerant and has done exceptionally well at both the veterinarian’s office and the groomers!

Eugene has been recovering from heartworm treatment so has had to have little to no activity for several weeks now. He has gone on a few walks and he is very calm on a leash. He is still learning how to play with people and with other dogs, but enjoys it! He is generally very calm and likes to nap most of the day. He sleeps very well in his kennel at night and puts himself to bed if it gets too late! Eugene would love a home that will help him continue to build his confidence in new situations, as he can be a bit timid and easily startled at times! This will improve with time, love, and security. Eugene is a truly special dog, with a big and forgiving heart. He will bring so much love and joy to any home!

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