Age: 1 year

Breed: Pittie mix

Color: Black

Story: Enya was rescued from the Blackwell shelter and saved from euthanasia

Enya is absolutely the sweetest puppy that has ever existed! She is super dog friendly and super people and kid friendly. She is altogether so happy that she will just start wagging her tail in her sleep. She is a very grateful and cheerful pup! She is doing great on her potty training, but has the occasional accident in the house. She doesn’t much care for the leash yet, she much prefers to be carried, but her fosters are working on it!

She loves belly rubs and snuggling next to a dog or human to sleep. As long as she has her person to sleep next to, she sleeps for hours on end just so relaxed and happy. She is crate trained while her her fosters are gone. At night she starts the night in bed with her people, then on her own will go into her crate to sleep in the middle of the night. For a baby girl that lived her entire life in a shelter, she is one of the happiest pups we have ever met. Even the vet fell in love in with her! Please take a minute to consider Enya, I promise you will have a chipper bestie for life!

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