Emerald is a female lab mix. Emerald is a feisty, energetic girl. She loves to play, and is always on the go. Her favorite thing is playing outside with all the other dogs. She would excel in an active home that would include her in all their activities. She would make an excellent running or hiking partner in the future. She does need constant stimulation and will chew when she gets bored, but does not have any problems as long as she is provided with enough attention and play time throughout the day. She does great in her kennel, but definitely prefers to have a nylabone or Kong to keep her mind occupied. She sleeps all through the night with no problems. We are introducing basic commands and training such as how to walk on a leash, sit, down, and “kennel up”. She is doing great with potty training. She is extremely smart and easy to work with. She does well with all animals, but can get overwhelming for smaller dogs and cats with all of her playful energy. Because of this, we would not recommend her in a home with fragile pets. She would make an excellent family dog for a family with older kids.

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