Croissant is a male Pittie mix. He and his siblings were born in rescue! He has been handled, loved on, and socialized since day one! Croissant is a smart, fun, curious and extremely loving puppy. He follows us from room to room and loves to be next to his people or his dog friends. He plays great with his brothers, and big and small foster friends. He also enjoys good quality lap time!

Croissant loves playing with squeaky toys and nylabones, but tennis balls are his absolute FAVORITE to toy play with! He is learning fetch and loves chasing after the ball! He sleeps through the night in a crate and during the day is almost fully housebroken. He lets himself in and out of the dog door and uses potty pads left out inside. He has sit mastered, especially when waiting for meal time, and we are working on stay and wait. Any family would be so lucky to get this lovable pup!

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