Age: 7 weeks

Breed: Boxer mix

Color: Black/Brown

Story: Cowboy was born into the rescue to mama Charley

Cowboy is a total sweetheart who loves to snuggle. When you open the door to his playpen or crate he crawls right up in your lap and that’s his favorite nap spot. He also likes toys and wrestling with his brother. He’s more cautious than his brother and stays close to his person during trips to the backyard. He notices the cats and will approach but gives them space if they act tense. He sleeps mostly through the night in the crate with only one wake up in the early hours but settles quickly. He manages great in the playpen when his foster mom is working from home or has to step out for an errand. He is working on potty training and already knows to go potty as soon as you set him down in the grass.

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