Cotton Ball

Age: 7 months
DOB: 10/6/23

Breed: Great Pyrenees

Color: White

Story: Cotton Ball was born in rescue to mama Bella

Cotton Ball is the most special girl in the world! She hasn’t had it easy, but we’re hoping it’s only happiness and love from here on out!

After fighting for her life as an infant, she was returned to us at just a few months old and has been thriving in foster care ever since.

Cotton Ball loves to go snooze in her crate, and sleeps well throughout the night. She can be unsure of new people, but once she knows they’re safe is the sweetest girl ever. She loves to give kisses and nibble on ears.

She is still a puppy girl, so when she’s excited and happy her whole body wiggles- but she is getting better about not jumping and understanding her size. She is crated when her fosters are gone and at night, but is a perfect girl in the house and isn’t one you need to worry about chewing up things she shouldn’t. She isn’t afraid to let you know when she wants something with little yips that don’t quite fit her size. Cotton Ball would do best with other dogs to play with and model her behavior after. She loves to run and play. Cotton Ball is still figuring out how to snuggle, and enjoys sunbathing and relaxing outside.

Cotton Ball had a surgery for her pelvic bladder earlier in April. She is still figuring out her new body cues and relearning her potty training, but tries her best and is doing well. She isn’t quite sure how to ask to go outside yet, but does come and alert you that she needs something with a quick check in and boop. There is a chance that she will need to be on Proin once per day to maintain maximum control of her bladder, but it’s worth it to feel all of the love and affection she has to give.

Cotton Ball is beyond ready to have her forever family, and will be the perfect addition to anybody’s life that wants the most precious and deserving companion! She is a goofy girl that brings endless joy to the lives of everyone she meets, and she can’t to bring that happiness to her people.

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