Age: 1 year

Breed: Scruff mix

Color: White/gray

Weight: 20 pounds

Adoption fee: $360

Story: Who remembers our parvo pup, Cici? Thanks to all of you and your donations, Cici has overcome parvo, had a makeover, and is now spayed, vaccinated, and ready for her forever home. She is a brand new girl!

Cici is approximately one year old and weighs just under 20 pounds.

She is the sweetest and cutest pup once you’ve earned her affection! She is so playful! she loves fetch, clearing out a toy basket, and can entertain herself with toys when everyone else is busy. She reads the energy of the room and will rest when you rest or play when you play. She would do best with another friendly, playful, tolerant dog in the home. She loves chasing squirrels and chasing water from the water hose! She is a great house guest who has had no accidents and perfect indoor manners.

In addition to her many positive qualities, Cici can be leash reactive and wary of strangers. She would love someone home more often than not. She is an escape artist and can jump anything less than a 6’ privacy fence. She also gets nauseous in the car. Cici’s fosters have invested a lot into her training and confidence and have seen great improvement; they will be sponsoring sessions with a local trainer so that her adopter can continue Cici’s positive progression.

Cici is a wonderful dog that deserves the best and most loving home.

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