Chopper is a male pittie mix around 12 weeks old. He was found in a parking lot and surrendered to us. Chopper came to us and we quickly knew something wasn’t quite right. He was skin and bones, excessively thirsty, and urinated excessively as well.Woodland West worked diligently to find out what was wrong. They determined he had diabetes and no pancreas. Diabetes in a puppy is EXTREMELY rare. Often, puppies that have a diabetes diagnosis are euthanized. We wanted his story to be different and we knew we had to exhaust all options.

For now, we will work hard to regulate his glucose and get him to a stable point so he can begin the search for his forever home! He is currently taking two shots a day of insulin to stabilize his glucose. His new foster has prior experience giving insulin injections to pups and has the biggest heart. They are absolutely in love with him already! They will take great care of Chopper until he is ready to move onto his forever family.

Stay up to date on Chopper by following his personal Instagram: @Chopper_PHR

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