Chlo is a female lab/pit mix around 5 months old! Chlo is an AMAZING pup.
She is dooing great with potty training. She sleeps all night in her crate , plus at least one nap a day in the crate. The rest of her naps, she prefers to right next to her human. She loves going on walks. She is very smart – knows sit and down, sometimes speak. She is not a fan of loud sounds or big things, and will try to run and hide. She needs an active family and would love a home with a big yard because she gets the zoomies! Chlo is really intrigued by cats. When she is calm she does great, but plays too rough with them when she’s more awake/active. She loves car rides, naps, snacks, fetch, and playing in water. Her favorite toys are anything squeaky, tennis balls, and puzzle treats. Chlo is such a good girl, super sweet, fun and loving!