Chicken Nugget

Age: 11 weeks

Breed: Terrier mix

Color: Brown

Story: Chicken Nugget and her litter were found in the woods

Chicken Nugget aka Nugget is a sweet girl. She knows how to “kennel”, “sit”, “hurry up” (potty) currently she is learning “place”. She is eager to please. She can be shy around new adults. Sleeps in her kennel all night and is mostly potty trained. As long as she is given regular opportunities to go out. She is good with kids and loves to be the center of their attention. Especially if she thinks they will rub her belly. Nugget loves to explore the back yard and hasn’t found a stick she doesn’t love. She loves meal times and will sometimes get vocal if she thinks you’ve forgotten. Nugget loves busy bones or a cow hoof. Her favorite toy is one that grunts.

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