Chicken Fries

Age: 11 months

Breed: Pittie mix

Color: Tan

Story: Chicken Fries was adopted out as a pup, but was recently returned due to no fault of her own

CF is a sweet & energetic girl. She would be a great dog for an active person or family. She loves playing with other dogs although she can get overly excited & require correction. CF also likes to go on walks, play with toys & dog chews. She does display typical puppy behavior of chewing things she shouldn’t but can be redirected with a dog chew (ie Nylabone). CF is about 90% potty trained & crate trained. We have allowed CF to have free reign of the living room overnight & she has done well. She sleeps quietly throughout the night unless there is commotion outdoors. During the day, CF spends time inside or outdoors with our dogs, playing, snoozing or enjoying a dog chew. She displays no signs of separation anxiety. CF has learned the “sit” & “down” commands & walks fairly well on a leash. She is food motivated which has helped with her training.

Baby Chicken Fries

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