Catalina is a female Catahoula mix around 3 years old. Catalina is the perfect mixture of high energy and calmness. It comes and goes in waves. Mornings and mid-day, she is very active, but in the afternoon into evening, she is calm and wants to be in your lap relaxing. She loves dogs and cats, but can play a little rough with the cats. She does best around other animals, especially while in the crate. She can be anxious when left alone if she can’t see other pets around her.

Catalina is deaf, so no sounds or noises bother her. However, too quick of movements can scare her, but she calms down when she realizes she is safe. She loves everyone she meets once she has had a moment to meet them. She is slightly food aggressive, but is working on it in her foster home. She’s a sweet loving girl who tries her best to please!

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