Age: 6 weeks

Breed: Heeler mix

Color: Brown/white


Adoption fee: $360

Story: Cass and litter came to us as bottle babies

Adopt Cass for a snuggly, ladylike, and loving best friend! Cass loves other dogs, kids, cats, humans, and basically all of life in general. Although, cuddling up seems to be her favorite activity yet! Teething is usually difficult at her age, but she has already learned that toys are the way to go! She definitely is a little lady, doing her very best to not make messes and keep her little feet clean. However, like all the best ladies, she also loves playing when it is time to play! She loves the yard and chasing down falling leaves to munch on. Crate training is going very well and goes into it by herself when tired. Cass is still little, but potty training is also going very well, although not quite perfect yet. She’s very sweet, independent, polite, fun, and loving. Even though she’s just a baby these characteristics are already evident in her personality! You’ll never lack amusement if you choose to adopt Cass.

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