Age: 1 year 8 month

Breed: Coonhound mix

Color: Tan/White

Weight: Approximately 30 pounds

Story: Camilla was born into the rescue, then was recently returned.

Camilla is a very friendly, affectionate and sweet girl. She loves to play tug of war with her human or with another dog. She is housetrained and sleeps in her bed at night. Camilla has a very cute, comical personality, tilting her head when you speak to her. She goes berserk playing with the hose outside and bounds around the yard like she owns the place. She doesn’t bark a lot but she will let you know if she sees another dog or person passing by. She plays with a lot of energy but she can also settle when indoors. She is very confident and not easily intimidated when encountering new things. She still has a bit of puppy in her and does like to chew up her toys and sometimes gets into the trash but overall, she is very well behaved and will be so grateful to have her forever home!


– Backyard for outdoor play and potty habits

– Does not do well in an apartment

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