Buster Baxter

Age: 7 weeks

Breed: Pyrenees

Color: White

Story: He was born into the rescue to mama Cleo.

Buster Baxter is such an enigmatic ball of fluff! He looks at you with such Joy and love and happiness. And he smiles, actually smiles while jumping up to get petted, loved on or lifted up to the space next to you. He loves attention, getting petted, getting kisses, even when he gets the towel to be cleaned off. He is a playful, energetic, bouncy, adorable ball of puppy! He knows how to use the doggie door, is good at eating side by side with his brother as well as playing with him. He sleeps and spends his days, when momma isn’t home, in his playpen with a kennel. He is very good about using the piddle pads in the playpen and is learning to go outside. He is learning how to sit and is very good at coming to his name. This little boy is a heart stealer and will be a great companion!

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