Age: 15 weeks

Breed: Catahoula mix

Color: Black/tan

Story: Bruno was born to mama Casita

Bruno is an adventurous and clumsy pup! He’s a friend to all. Especially other dogs! Due to his health concerns, Bruno wasn’t allowed outside much when he was little. Now that he has experienced the outdoors, he can’t get enough. He runs every morning (although clumsily) into the yard for a day of fun! After a day of fun in the sun, he loves to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket over him. He loves kids and truly is a big baby. He’s a tad scared of cats but working on it nicely (definitely sweet with them just a tad bit of a scaredy-cat himself). He’s dog friendly, so much so he will crawl into crates with other ones to cuddle! He is crate trained and best of all, he is almost entirely potty trained! You heard that right, a pup who has barely been outside before has already got it down. No accidents at night yet or during the day. Choose Bruno to be your new best friend!

We do have to disclose that this litter was sick with distemper when they were first born. While they are perfectly healthy now, they cannot be around unvaccinated dogs for the first year of their life as they can still shed the virus. These guys are ready for their forever home, but we do advise keeping them from public dog parks in order keep other Tulsa pups healthy!

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