Age: 7 weeks

Breed: Pit mix

Color: Brindle

Story: NA

Brinn is a tiny spunky little girl who is learning to be a pup. She is finding her voice and expressing her likes and dislikes. She is very good with her kennel, as well as her playpen. She sleeps through the night with her foster sibling. She uses the puppy pads currently in her playpen, but will be learning to go outside as soon as she is a little bigger. She eats side by side with the other dogs and is very good about playing together and sharing toys. She loves to play and chew on your fingers, but is also learning to chew on approved toys. She will cuddle but prefers to lay beside you. She is smart and is learning her name. She is enamored with the big dog in her foster home and loves to follow him everywhere. Brinn is such a cute little brindle colored puppy with big expressive eyes. She is very brave, yet cautious with new things. She eats well and lots. Little Brinn is a wonderful package of puppy.

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