Bertha is a female Jack Russell terrier mix around a year and a half old. She came from a hoarding situation. Bertha is coming out of her shell more and more each day. She is a really good girl, and super sweet and loving. She gets nervous around big crowds and people she doesn’t know, but with some love and patience, we believe she can overcome that fear. She loves playing outside and with other dogs, is treat motivated, and is doggie door trained. She sleeps in a crate, but would rather be by her person. She isn’t fond of her harness, but that can be worked on. Bertha needs a home with a yard rather than an apartment. Bertha can be very protective of her humans, so slow introductions to new people and animals are recommended. Due to her skittish nature, we don’t recommend small kids in the home, but older kids would probably be okay. Bertha is such a love, and will be the best girl!

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