Bark Obama

Age: 9 weeks

Breed: Pyrenees mix

Color: Tricolor

Story: Bark Obama was found as a stray in Norman

Bark Obama is a soft ball of fluff who will steal your heart away! At his young age, he is doing great with potty training. All poops are done outside, and he sleeps through the night in a play pen without having accidents. He uses pee pads to pee inside during the night but prefers to go outside, and does all his pees outside during the day. He hasn’t been observed with cats or children, but he gets along well with other dogs as long as they don’t mind his puppy rambunctiousness. He loves to run and play and then crashes hard for a nap wherever he happens to land. He seems to have the sweetness of his Pyrenees ancestry while having the curiosity and intelligence of his (probable) heeler mix. Bark Obama is super-affectionate and loves cuddles. He can be nervous with new people for a few minutes. A bit of a cuddle and a treat or two, and he’ll be your friend for life!

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