Backyard Breeder Case

We recently rescued several pups from a backyard breeder with the help of Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, who removed the dogs from the property and contacted us to help. See their “before” pictures at the breeding site below.

Each of these pups have needed special care due to the poor living conditions and lack of care they experienced throughout their life. Many of the dogs had lived their entire life outside in a cage. These are the results of living with a backyard breeder.

Gumdrop has no bottom jaw.
Trooper lived his life in an outdoor kennel and as a result, had a bacterial infection.
Pookie has been suffering from dry eye.
All the little mamas were in the early stages of Pyometra (uterus infection) due to never getting spayed.
One of the littles, Periwinkle, appeared to have recently had babies at 11 years old. She also had a mass coming out of her side caused by an intestinal hernia, suspected to be due to trauma.
Jock and his siblings were extremely malnourished after competing for limited food.

Several of the pups needed dentals to extract rotted teeth This is what we are referring to when we say “backyard breeder.” This is not a reputable breeder that cares for their dogs. These dogs have sadly been exploited solely for profit, and the dogs have paid the price. Thankfully, this chapter in their life is closed and done. A bright future full of love, safety and comfort lies ahead.

We have worked hard to get each dog into the vet and on the path to recovery! Each dog has been shown health, love, and now have the future that they deserve. It is because of your generous donations that we were able to take on these pups! THANK YOU!

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