Age: 2 years

Breed: Husky mix

Color: Brown

Story: She was abandoned

Azalea, a sweet and energetic young dog who exudes love and joy with every bounding step. With a passion for running and exploring the great outdoors, Azalea is always ready for an adventure and thrives on the freedom of movement and fresh air. When her human is away, Azalea stays in the house with her canine companion, finding comfort and reassurance in the presence of her furry friend. Together, they share moments of play, relaxation, and bonding, creating a strong sense of companionship and unity. Azalea’s love for affection knows no bounds, as she adores being pet and showered with love and attention. Her gentle nature and warm demeanor make her a beloved companion, always ready to offer comfort and companionship to those around her.

Thanks to her dedication and training, Azalea is both crate trained and potty trained, making her a well-behaved and adaptable member of the household. Her ability to follow routines and guidelines showcases her intelligence and willingness to learn, making her a joy to have around. With Azalea’s sweet and loving personality, her zest for life and her love for running, she is sure to bring endless happiness and excitement to those lucky enough to have her in their lives. Whether chasing after a ball in the yard or curling up for a cuddle on the couch, Azalea’s presence fills every moment with love and laughter, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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