Age: 10 months

Breed: Terrier mix

Color: Black/white

Story: Aubri and her sisters were rescued from the Lawton shelter

Aubri is a little dog with a big heart, filled to the brim with love and an endless supply of kisses! There is no place she’d rather be than right beside her people, snuggled up close under your arm or by your feet on a comfy pillow. Where ever you go she is sure to follow, though she can be a little timid with new environments. But she’s a brave girl that is eager to please and receive all the belly rubs a pup could ask for. She is still learning her basic commands, and has picked up on sit and stay within a matter of days, proving to everyone what a clever girl she is!

She is potty trained so long as she’s let out regularly, being good to go to the back door when she needs out. She has not been tested around other dogs yet and has mostly ignored the cats in the household – though she does occasionally chase them. She is not comfortable in crates, doing much better either sleeping on a doggie bed or in her fosters own bed.

She would do well with a person that works from home, preferring to live a life as a couch potato with the people she loves.

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