Age: 15 weeks

Breed: Catahoula mix

Color: White/tan

Story: Antonio was born to mama Casita

Antonio is a fun loving guy! He’s the perfect pup for an adventure, he is good in the car, crate trained, and doing great with potty training! He loves his people, and touch is important to him. He is loving life outside of dog house! He also loves to play toys and his foster brothers!

Antonio does unfortunately have some hearing issues. He is quite the lover and very attentive to his people! His hearing loss does not slow him down!

We do have to disclose that this litter was sick with distemper when they were first born. While they are perfectly healthy now, they cannot be around unvaccinated dogs for the first year of their life as they can still shed the virus. These guys are ready for their forever home, but we do advise keeping them from public places in order keep other Tulsa pups healthy!

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